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Life Is A Puzzle

written by: Kayleigh Merchant


Life is a puzzle to be completed,
believe in yourself and you can never be defeated
Life is a mission to be accomplished,
You may find reason to be astonished.

Problems prove to be soluble when we overcome the obstacle,
Let's walk into the unknown...

It may take you to the places that you never thought possible,
things may take some time all while we contemplate
Nothing is too much for our plate.

Talent is what it takes because that is our ticket,
We can either leave it on the shelf unpolished or
We can dust it off and create an out of this world masterpiece.

Expand your logical storage.
Always believe.

KL Merchant

KL Merchant

Kayleigh is a British singer songwriter that has been making music for years. She writes in metaphor and writes about her real life experiences and the darkest times of the journey she has embarked upon. Her grab life by the horns attitude has won her a great knock out of notable wins as she battles on like the true soldier she is.
KL Merchant

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