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written by: Luiz Syphre



Remember me beloved
for when you do
that dead star
in the heavens
will glow for us

write your verses for me
as I stain this glass
with my sorrows
and when you do
our phones will flash
and die together
like we were meant to

scream in anger:
“I hate you!”
and I’ll match you with:
“I hate you more!”

as our hearts meet
in secret and shout:
“I miss you so so much!”

think about me, as I of you
for when you do
there will be enough love
for wild orchids
to bloom in winter!

hold that contorted face
as my profile you see and
we will hold hands together
with our funny faces and
walk into oblivion

shed a tear for me
as I for you
for when you do
an unstoppable flood
always follows

keep it up, as I have for you
and if you do
we will have enough sorrows
to swim into the middle
of our sea of tears…

In the next life


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