Remembrance, a poem written by Ian Fletcher at
Jan Canty



written by: Ian Fletcher


Where are they now
those whom I knew
so well in this world?

Are they in Heaven
or Hell or somewhere
in between in ghostly
limbo lands inhabiting
dimensions unknown?

To me it appears
they have become
but haunting images
epiphenomenal traces
and voices echoing
in regions of my mind.

Some are decaying
deep underground
in dreadful tombs
their silent graves
bearing headstones
whose inscriptions
will be read at most
by a generation or two
that might remember
these dead souls.

Others are but ashes
in urns somewhere
or scattered to merge
with anonymous earth:
ashes to ashes
dust to dust.

Though they were
not always loved
or loving or good
they are yet missed
for in their absence
is their remembrance
willing me to wish
them resurrection.

Whatever their
ultimate status
may currently be
I am appalled
that in this world
they are nothing
nothing at all.

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