Respect The Misfits, poetry by Steve Green at
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Respect The Misfits

Respect The Misfits

written by: Steve Green



I try to hide but the night goes fast..
Strive to fly but the high won’t last..
The past has got a hold of me..
Life is a battle versus gravity..
Rotting alone in this pit of misery
with only the darkness for company..
No help is coming cause nobody cares..
Vultures descend to get their share..
Don’t look pass me like I’m not there..
You can’t ignore what’s everywhere..
Politicians cynically exploit our plight..
Demonize us as symbols of urban blight..
It’s so cruel cause we’re people too..
Trying to survive as best we can do..
We the designated weakest links of the economy..
Retreads of a throw away society
Every day our homeless legions grow..
We’ll save you a spot in the shadows

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