Father's Veil, poetry written by Corey Brockington at Spillwords.com

Father’s Veil

Father’s Veil

written by: Corey Brockington


Unworldly? Shirley oblivious in lighthouse
Her venture is without coma, oh, sleepless
Shirley fishing hair at unrest
Unknowingly? Shirley (she is-)
Not hardly period at her curious, oh,
Ms. delirious trapped like Rapunzel
redundant? Shirley spooling her strand, Casting
Her lock into worldly expanse—A

double dense entendre—An oceanic drift
Of knots and slips.


Her line “to live freely” (she was-). This age:
Shirley sinks her tangle of breach into oceanic pretense, Loosing
Her oblivion at grifts
Of doubt, reaping as the catch of split
the beginning…

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