Breaking Up, poetry written by Phi Bi at
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Breaking Up

Breaking Up

written by: Phi Bi


It was I who crossed the raging dark open sea and survived
but only to drown in your silent tear drop!

Her eyes fixed to the empty ceiling
the river of her silky long hair confluences into pillows & sheets
in the dark corner of the room, her cherry lips glow like a lantern
there silently she weeps … and she weeps

– I am but a broken seashell upon the sand you have walked,
guilty of all the cuts on your bleeding heels
This was but a distant memory of her self-blame
uncontrollably she weeps

Little does she know,
the broken seashell contains the soul of the oceans
I can hear the echoes of the chilled wind from distant sand blasts
I can feel her sobering soaked through the darkness of space

Little does she know,
my heart has an unmendable open cut the moment we’ve said goodbye
and she has no idea that her tear drop is a mountain of salt
on my wound!

In the far distance, I can hear the ocean whispers
the lullaby of waves caressing a shore
She has no idea that each broken seashell
is a hidden midnight crystal
that will shine again under a new sunlight

Little does she know,
her tear drops are holy water
and she yet to know,
my heart flamed furiously
in hell!

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