Stuttering Notes, poetry by J. Iner Souster at

Stuttering Notes

Stuttering Notes

written by: J. Iner Souster



A story of love and hope for those who are lost and despairing
addressed to someone beautiful and far away.
Another note in the music of my sadness, misplaced
somewhere much closer than I would care to believe.
It originates from the whispers bottled up within,
together with the words of love,
penned by the unknown stranger that is both you and I.
To answer carelessly and unconcerned as I throw it back into the waters
I watch it float away to the ocean’s darkest depths,
where this message has found a home.
That is why we are sending our letters, to hold out hope of their discovery among the debris that drifts ashore.
Seeing that there is nothing more you can do about it,
you read out loud the narrative of my love.
Was it an erratic note or a shattered heart I saw floating
in the vast expanse that separates us as it washed back out to sea.

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