The Fool, a poem by DR Zaius at

The Fool

The Fool

written by: DR Zaius


The swelling knells
Of jester bells
Are mine my liege,
They’re not yet Hell’s

Though interesting,
You heard their wailing
A certain premonition
Of future failing

You righteous snob
You make me laugh
When you gorge yourself:
A fattened calf

See you my lord,
You’re ripe for death,
Your very name
A waste of breath

And I’m the fool,
Why, that’s bizarre!
I’m the only one who sees
Just what you are

My ruler, leader,
Monarch, king!
With a God-given right
To everything!

To Hell with you!
And your constant mocking
Be silent, serf,
The devil’s knocking

I cannot wait,
The gracious flood!
My hands baptised
In sovereign’s blood

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