Weatherman's Oversight, a poem by DR Zaius at
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Weatherman’s Oversight

Weatherman’s Oversight

written by: DR Zaius


A Monday classroom,
Cold and grey
In stark contrast
To outside’s day
A grand dissection of
Shakespeare’s words
Was soon outclassed
by tweeting birds
And swallows, thrush
And singing lark
Critters’ scraping feet
on dried tree bark

Alas, twas not these
That caught my eye
But an orb of opal
In the sapphire sky:
Metric tonnes
Of water vapour,
A cotton ball
Atop blue paper
Shifting and morphing
Passing by
It dims the light,
Has no reason why
Only that
It must fall soon
It has no care
For sun nor moon
Merely moves along
Despite vast hate
(This trait I do

However, despite
Its many flaws
I watched it go
In simple awe
A wonder beyond
Human construction
An ethereal charm
With vexing function
Perhaps God sat
On it and watched most days
If so, I smiled
And met his gaze
But it moved on past
The window frame
And life continued
Much the same

A Monday classroom,
Cold and gray
Students waiting
In bored dismay
Most dreary, most dull
Of all known places
Lack of colour
Or smiling faces
But I had found beauty
Where it was not sought:
A rather pretty cloud,
I thought

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