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My Fiancé Is A Werewolf

My Fiancé Is A Werewolf

written by: Author B.A. Rose



Briana Cole was walking on air. After six months of dating, Asher proposed. She never expected it would happen so soon. Only twenty-three, she figured her future husband would come around the age of thirty. It was fate meeting Ash. Or so he told her the day they met one another. She thought about that night as the memory resurfaced.

She was taking an evening walk. It was Spring and the moon was full. She loved walking through the park as the flowers were starting to open their petals and the air was sweet. Thinking about her new job, she didn’t hear footsteps behind her. A moment later, a hand came around her mouth, preventing her from screaming. “Don’t give me trouble and I may let you live.” Her heart pounded in her ears and tears slid down her cheeks. Trying to kick and fight, he was much stronger, dragging her deeper into a deserted area.

It was quiet and even if she tried to scream nobody would hear her. Thrown to the ground, she looked up to see a large man leering at her. “Please don’t hurt me. I have money in my wallet. Just take it.” Laughing he leaned over. “I think I want something much more enjoyable. Now be a good girl and I won’t hurt you. Much.” Briana knew he was going to force himself on her. She screamed as he moved over her, groping her body and she felt like she was going to vomit. He grinned obscenely. “Oh, I’m going to enjoy you.” Just as he put his hands between her legs to spread them, something forcefully pulled him back.” Seconds later, he was gone.

Quickly standing up, she heard growls that didn’t sound like a dog. Then the screams came, and she knew it was her assailant. Fear coursed through her body and she turned, running as fast as she could. Blindly, she ran, trying to find the way out but she was panicking and couldn’t think. Her eyes were blurry from tears when she tripped on something almost falling. Two hands caught her and she started fighting with all her might. “Leave me alone! I’ll scream.” She started trying to kick and heard a deep voice. “I’m not going to hurt you. Stop kicking me. Are you alright?”

Briana didn’t realize she had closed her eyes when he grabbed her. Opening them, she saw the most handsome man. He was at least a foot and a half taller than her and his eyes were the brightest amber she’d had ever seen. His hair was dirty blonde and a bit long, curling at his shoulders. He looked concerned. “I… I think so. There was a man and he pulled me away from the lit area of the park. He wanted to….” She started to cry and felt the man take her in his arms, gently patting her back. Even though he was a stranger, she felt safe. He spoke calmly. “I was taking a walk and didn’t see anyone. He must have run away when he heard my footsteps. You’re safe now.”

Looking up, she wanted to tell him about the wild dog and hearing the man screaming but he would think she was crazy. Moving back, she looked down, wiping dirt off of herself. “I think I should go home now. I don’t want to be here just in case he returns.” She didn’t want to bump into whatever had made that growl.

Smiling at her, he held out his arm. “I’ll walk you home. We haven’t been introduced. I’m Asher Wolfgang and I just moved here. I promise you’ll be safe with me.” Briana looked into his amber eyes and they appeared to glow for a minute. She felt calmer and if he wanted to harm her he already would have. “My name is Briana Cole. Thank you, I would appreciate it.”

As they walked, she found out he was a veterinarian and lived in Montana most of his life. He wanted a change and now ran a clinic in town which was also used as a shelter for homeless animals. Briana liked that. She always felt that if you were nice to animals, you were a decent person. “I had pets growing up but with my job, it’s hard. I would love to have a few someday. I’m a nurse in the pediatric ward at City Hospital. It can be a bit busy at times, but I love what I do. When there’s a full moon, a lot of women go into labor. Once I helped deliver eight babies in one night. It was an experience.”

Asher smiled. He had been out looking for a deserted spot. It was a full moon and as he was about to shift, he heard her cries. Her scent of fear had him change quickly, and he charged forward, seeing a large man about to attack her. His wolf cried ‘Mate’ in his head and he snapped. It was a risk showing himself in wolf form, but the female had her eyes closed while the vermin was groping her. If had infuriated him. Seconds later, he pulled the man backward. What a coward. He begged Ash to let him go and that he wouldn’t harm another soul but he saw the truth in his eyes. He had done this before and would again. Growling, he sunk his teeth into the man’s neck, as his claws ripped his chest open. Blood spurted everywhere until his lifeless body hit the ground.

After quickly dispersing the body, he wiped off with the man’s shirt and shifted back. He needed to go to his fated mate and see if she was alright. What if he didn’t like her? Would he have to mate her anyway? His father’s pack always told him that once you found your mate, that was it. The minute he walked out from the trees and saw her, he knew she was his. Brown wavy hair that was a bit messy and green eyes that were red from crying. What had him wanting to howl was her full lips and curvy shape. She was perfect and he had to get to know her better. Then he would stake his claim.

Briana thought he was so nice. He seemed too good to be true. She felt like she knew him a long time though he was still a stranger. It was weird how she met him behind the park in a wooded area. He said he was out walking but who walked around those parts? When they got to her building, she turned, removing her arm which he held on to the whole way. Holding her hand out to shake, she gave a little smile. “Thank you again for coming to my aid. I would still be walking around in circles and thinking about what almost happened. I doubt I’ll be walking alone in the park anymore. Too dangerous. It was nice meeting you Asher. Goodnight”

He couldn’t let her go. Shaking her hand, he gently stroked her fingers with his other hand. “Call me Ash. I’m glad I was there and you’re safe. I don’t think you have to worry about that man hurting you. He’s probably long gone. It was very nice meeting you Briana and I was wondering. Since I’m pretty new to the area would you want to go out with me sometime? Show me around? I’ll give you my business number and cell. You can come by.”

Briana wasn’t sure. Part of her thought he was gorgeous and smart, the other felt like he had some other side that he kept hidden. Especially the way his eyes glowed at times. Still, what could lunch hurt? It would be in broad daylight and in public. “Alright. Lunch would be fine but I’m paying. You helped me and walked me home. It’s the least I can do. How about tomorrow? What time are you free? I’ll meet you at your job.” Asher told her and smiling he slowly let go of her hand, walking away. She didn’t trust him yet, but she would. He would never hurt his mate. Just had to tell her he was a werewolf a few times a month depending on whether there was a full moon, but that would come with time.

Lunch was wonderful and Briana found herself enjoying her time with Ash. He was funny, interesting, and even better looking in the daylight. Females turned to look at him when they walked into the restaurant. She felt a pang of jealousy but he only looked at her, ignoring them. They spoke of their jobs and then he gave her a tour of his vet clinic. It was huge and the staff was very nice. Walking to the back, she saw a bunch of cages filled with animals. “Here’s Jack. One of my staff found him while hiking. He was about three weeks old and dehydrated. Now look at him. Hoping to get him a forever home.” The dog came over wagging his tail and Briana felt her heartstrings tug. Holding her hand for him to sniff, she laughed when he licked her.

“I should have never come here. He’s too sweet and I want him. How am I going to take care of him when I work? This is all your fault, Ash.” Smiling with straight white teeth and a dimple on his chin, she felt an urge to kiss him. “How about this? You adopt him and when you need to work he can stay here with me? It’s a win-win Briana.”

Asher thought this was even better than anything he could come up with. He would see her more and more and maybe even get her to go out with him again. The pull toward her was strong but he didn’t want to scare her. She was human and needed time before he could tell her what he was. It would also help if she was his girlfriend. Baby steps, he thought to himself.

Briana stood there, and taking a deep breath shrugged. “Alright. You sold me. I have a few weeks’ vacation coming up so I can take him then.” She bent down to pet Jack’s head. “You and I are going to be family. I’ll bring you home this Friday.” The dog woofed and he wagged his tail. Looking up she saw Asher smiling. “Did you plan this?” Chuckling he gave an innocent look. “Not at all. I think Jack was meant to be with you. Don’t you believe in fate?” Petting the dog once more and standing up, she looked into his eyes. “Maybe. I mean our first meeting was strange. So who knows?”

Soon Jack was living with Briana, and Ash and she was dating. He kept asking her to show him different places and eventually, it seemed so natural that when he asked her to be exclusive she said yes. He turned out to be a good boyfriend, always listening when she had a rough day at work and so thoughtful. He was also very protective and sometimes she saw him give dirty looks to a co-worker who had hit on her once. The guy never bothered her again. Their chemistry was strong and he made love to her like she was the most precious thing he ever saw. He also had so much stamina that sometimes she passed out from the pleasure.

One thing that she found strange though was how he disappeared a few times a month. He said it was an out-of-town convention but how many could there be? When he returned he always came to see her first and she smelled the woods on him. His hair was a bit longer and his eyes more amber. Briana wondered if he was telling her the truth. What if he was married and had a family in another city?

Ash was in love. Briana was everything he could want in a mate. She was smart, kind, funny, and feisty. Not to mention beautiful. Their sexual chemistry was off the charts and he smiled thinking of how she called out his name when finding her pleasure. He hated lying to her but they weren’t together that long and he needed to know she wouldn’t freak. He needed to call home. His father would give him some advice.

Roland heard his phone ringing. It had been months since he heard from his son. Ash didn’t want to follow in his footsteps so he left. It wasn’t as if he had to be the Alpha. His older brother Nic was going to fill that job. He just wanted Ash to be his brother’s second in command. That’s what you did in the pack. Now he had to give the task to his daughter Rachel who wanted to go to college but accepted the position.

“Hello Asher, it’s about time you called. All settled in? Your mother misses you as do your siblings.” His father knew exactly how to make him feel bad. He just wanted his own life and not to be the Beta wolf. “I’m good dad. Tell mom I’ll call her. I miss everyone too. Listen, I’ve met someone and she’s my fated mate. The pull is strong but there’s a problem.” Roland growled. “You leave the pack and find your mate. Now there’s a problem. What is it?” Briana wasn’t a problem. She was a dream. He just was concerned about telling her what he was.

“My mate, Briana is human. She doesn’t know what I am. I love her and want to marry her. I don’t know how to tell her as we met under strange circumstances.” Roland sat down. If Asher had been in front of him, he would be furious. “You had to leave and now are mated to a human. Do you think she’ll accept you? If she rejects you, then what? I was lucky with your mother. She liked me from the start and knew what I was. That’s her gift. Second sight. I can’t help you with this son. You’ll have to figure out a way to explain it. If this female is truly your mate, she’ll understand. Just know if she doesn’t accept you, the wolf inside can turn feral. The last thing the pack needs is for you to go ripping apart humans. Now tell me how you met.”

After telling his father all about Briana, his mother got on the phone. She was already planning the mating ceremony by the end of the call. Ash got to speak to Nick and Rachel a few minutes before getting a text from Briana. She wanted to know if he wanted to have dinner at her place. Smiling, he looked up to see the moon. It was full. How could he forget? Dammit. Texting her back he said he wasn’t home and would return in by Saturday. Could he take a rain check? Feeling his wolf needed to emerge he set the phone down and stripping, ran out the back way into the woods behind his home. Seconds later his howls filled the air.

Briana was upset. She could have sworn that he said he was available this week. Not one to be the clingy type, she tried to understand but it nagged at her. What was he holding back? She had told her family about him and her parents were looking forward to meeting the man who made her happy. She wasn’t so sure now. Maybe it was time to talk. She would make some food and bring it to his place on Saturday. Looking at Jack, she smiled, getting his leash. “Come on boy. Let’s go for a walk.”

The air was warm but there was still a nice breeze. Jack stopped now and then to sniff something and she waited, looking up at the sky. The moon was full and the stars sparkled brightly. She loved the nighttime. Nodding to a neighbor who passed by she kept walking and thinking of Ash. They were almost at the six-month mark. Isn’t that where the guy usually breaks up with the female? She had boyfriends before but Ash was the first one she was in love with. Taking a deep breath, she turned to go back, and stopped, hearing a growl. Looking down she saw Jack’s ears go back as if listening.

“Come on Jack. Let’s go back inside.” Giving her a bit of trouble he finally began to walk with her. Briana’s heart was beating so fast, she could hardly catch a breath. It was the same as when she had almost attacked months before. With shaky hands, she opened her door, went inside, and slammed it closed, leaning against it. Jack looked up at her and she petted his head. “We’re fine now. We’re safe.” She didn’t see a large wolf watching her from across the street.

Ash woke up in his backyard, his hands were dirty and there was blood on them. He had some memories of the last few days. Especially when his wolf smelled their mate and ran to her. Seeing Briana looking petrified and almost running home, had him wonder if she could accept what he was. His wolf would never hurt her. He didn’t normally hurt humans, just fed on forest creatures. That’s why he grew up in Montana. Plenty of farm animals, and woodsy areas. His family had lived there for centuries. It’s why he chose to move here. It reminded him of home but was more populated.

Walking inside, he heard a knock at the door. Who could it be at this hour? Instantly, he smelled Briana. “What the hell am I going to do?” He needed a shower and food. Then some sleep. If he didn’t answer, she would think he wasn’t home yet. Quietly, he walked into the bedroom. Sitting on the dresser was a velvet box. He had purchased the ring months ago. Looking at himself in the mirror he knew it was time. “I need to tell her what I am and then if she accepts, I’m going to propose.”

Briana had wondered if he had returned and bought coffee and donuts. When he didn’t answer, she turned to go and stopped, almost dropping the coffee. His car was there. Tears and anger mixed with hurt as she walked to her car. He was home and didn’t want to see her.

Asher felt much better. He ate three steaks and salad after showering and took a nap. Looking at his cell he saw it was almost four p.m. Having one of the veterinarians who worked there part-time taking his place, he had the rest of the weekend off. He missed Briana so much and couldn’t wait to see her. Dialing her number, it rang and rang. Where was she? He knew she had the weekend off as well, and they were going to have dinner at her place. Trying the number again, it went straight to voicemail. Oh, this was bad. She was ignoring his calls. What the hell happened after this morning?

Briana was sitting in her bedroom, with a bag of Cheetos on her bed, as she ate a pint of ice cream. She felt miserable. How could he lie to her? After all these months. Just when she lets her guard down and falls for him, he does this. Her phone rang twice and she knew it was him. “Probably will have another excuse for why his car was there. Well, I don’t need any more lies.” Taking her cell, she called up to order a pizza.

Feeling confused and angry, Ash threw his cell against the wall. He had called her at least twenty times and left four voicemails. If she wanted to break up, at least tell him to his face. His wolf howled in his head and he felt pain hit him like a punch in his gut. “I need to fix this. Whatever she thinks, I need to make it right.” Taking the velvet box and his keys he stomped out of the house.

Sitting in the living room watching a sad rom-com, Briana was eating chocolate. She petted Jack who lay on her lap as tears fell down her cheeks. A knock had her get up. The pizza was here. Opening the door, her eyes widened upon seeing Asher. “Want to explain why you’re ghosting me?”

Furious with him she glared. “Are you serious? You’re the one who’s breaking up with me! I saw your car earlier. You were home and didn’t answer the door. So don’t you dare ask me to explain anything. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have things to do.” Trying to close the door, he was too strong and she let it go, walking back to the sofa. Ash sighed, running his hand through his hair. ‘Dammit. How can she think I would ever leave her?’

Walking over he sat on a chair as she looked at the television. “Can we at least talk? It’s important Bri. Please look at me.” Slowly turning, she saw his eyes glowing. Then they returned to normal. “Fine. How about you start by telling me where you go when you’re not here on weekends? I know it can’t be a convention. Not all the time. Are you married with a family in another town?” At first, he didn’t know if he heard her correctly. Then he started to laugh only making her more upset as he watched her fold her arms defiantly.

“I don’t see the humor in this Asher. I thought we had something and that you were a good man.” Seeing the hurt in her eyes, he stopped and moved to sit near her. Taking her hand which she tried to pull away, his fingers slowly stroked. “I swear to you that I am not married with a family. I have been holding something from you but only because I worry that you’ll reject me if I tell you. I have to though because I’m completely in love with you and can’t let you go.”

Briana looked at him, shock in her eyes. “I knew it. I knew you were holding back. Okay, so there’s no wife or family. What could be so bad that I would push you away? Don’t you know by now how I feel about you? I love you too.” Asher wanted to kiss her until she was breathless and his wolf howled in happiness. Still, there was the matter of telling her he was a werewolf. Taking a deep breath he was about to speak when the doorbell rang. Standing up, she said, “Pizza. Give me a minute.” Ash stood up and opened the door, giving the guy money and a good tip. Taking the pizza he heard the young man thank him for the tip. Placing it on the counter he took her hand and led her to the sofa, sitting beside her. “We can eat later. I need to tell you something.”

Standing up, he began to undress. Briana put her hand out to stop him. “I’m not having sex with you until you tell me what the heck is going on!” Smiling at her sass, Ash, nodded and kicked off his shoes. “Well, that’s okay because once you know, I’m not sure you’ll want me period.” Briana rolled her eyes, making him grin. Once he was naked, she felt her breath hitch. He had a gorgeous body and she almost wanted to change her mind about having sex. “Okay, so what’s this about?”

Asher moved away and held out his hands. “Just sit there and whatever happens, please don’t scream or run off. I will explain. Just trust me. Okay? I won’t hurt you.” Hearing that made her nervous and she sat back holding Jack as they watched. At first, she thought she was seeing things but then his hands started growing hair on them. His body got larger and his face completely changed. She saw him fall to his knees as bones realigned and his hands became paws with sharp claws. What scared her was when his face grew and it was no longer Ash but a wolf and its teeth looked sharp. Jack began to growl and guarded Briana.

She didn’t know what to do. He had told her to stay still and not freak but she wanted to run and scream for help. Was she going crazy or did her boyfriend just change into a werewolf? It walked closer and growled as if it knew her. “Asher? Are you still in there?” The snout moved closer and sniffed her as the large yellow eyes watched her face. Jack whimpered and lay on her. His tail wagged. So he knew it was Asher. “Okay, please change back. Just to confirm that I’m not losing my mind.”

One more smell of her and the wolf retreated, slowly changing. A few minutes later, Asher stood there, human and all man. “Are you alright? Did I freak you out? This is what I’ve been hiding. I’m a werewolf and when there’s a full moon, I have to change and run free. My family are all wolves and my father is the alpha of our pack. I didn’t expect to find my true mate here but then you were in trouble and I had to save you. Once I saw you, I couldn’t let you go. I’m sorry you thought otherwise. I didn’t mean to upset or hurt you.”

Briana was speechless. Her mind had to wrap itself around this. She thought all those fables were made up. Not anymore. Putting his pants back on he went to sit beside her. “If you want to break up with me, I’ll understand. You’re human and didn’t know we existed. I just felt if we were going to become more, you had a right to know.”

Ash got up and taking his shirt and shoes went to go. “I’ll be home if you want to talk or ask me anything. I love you, Briana. That will never change.”

Hearing the door open and close, Briana turned. This day had started with her thinking he was breaking up and now it ended with her finding out he is a werewolf. The sweet, loving, kind, handsome, man that had her heart was not human. Yes, she needed some time.

Asher was upset. The look on her face when he turned back. It was filled with shock, fear, and doubt. If she didn’t accept him, would he become feral? Not all wolves did but what if it happened? He didn’t want to lose his humanity and be hunted by his own until he was dead. The ache in his heart hurt more than any fight he had ever been in. He needed his mate. Why couldn’t he have fallen for another wolf? “Nobody is Bri. She’s the only one who can soothe the wolf in me.” Normally, he didn’t shift but he needed it tonight. Stripping, he stepped outside and ran into the woods.

Briana called her mother. She didn’t give the main detail but told her about Ash and that she wasn’t sure. Her mother listened. “You don’t know this Bri but when your father and I first met, I was dating someone else. It was pretty serious too. Your father knew that he loved me right away and told me so. That made me doubt myself a lot and I wondered if I truly loved the other man.” Briana asked what she did and how she knew she made the right decision.

Carol laughed softly into the phone. “Well, one night I was out with Vince and we argued. It had just started raining and wanted to leave. Instead of getting the car, he told me to come with him. I know we argued but that wasn’t how someone who loves you acts. I told him right there that we were done and I would call a cab. After he stomped off, I called your father who had given me his number. When he came to get me, he had the largest umbrella I ever saw. Not only that, but the car was right outside and in a no-parking zone. That was the moment I knew I would be happy forever.”

Briana smiled to herself. “All because he brought an umbrella?” Her mother laughed. “No, but because he treated me with respect. Even when we fought, he never changed the way he treated me. That is how you have to think. If Asher has shown any sign of disrespect then it’s better to end it but if there was a bump in the road and he is still good to you, try to see if you can live with whatever he seems to have done. I have a feeling this young man is the right one.” After getting off the phone, Briana sat there thinking. Was it so bad that Ash turned into a werewolf during the full moon and could she accept it?”

Asher was at work. They had two surgeries and three rescues today so he was busy. Since showing Briana his wolf, she hadn’t called or come by. He figured this was her way of telling him it wouldn’t work out. His wolf was upset and antsy and with another full moon, the urge to shift was strong. He had one more appointment and then he could go home.

Parking his car, he got out and walked up to the door to see Briana standing there. In her hand she had a bottle of wine, and what smelled like Chinese food. “What are you doing here? It’s a full moon.” Smiling, with watery eyes she said, “I know that. I just figured I would stay and wait until your return. That’s what a good girlfriend does. Right?” She moved closer. “I’m so sorry it took so long for me. I always thought wolves, and such were make-believe. If you’ll still have me, I want us to be in a relationship. Can you forgive me?”

A smile lit up his face and he took the wine and food placing it on the ground. Picking her up he kissed her. Briana’s heart beat faster, and she knew Ash was hers. After they parted, he took her hand and the food while she grabbed the wine. “There is nothing to forgive my beautiful mate. I’m just so happy you’ve accepted me.” Once they walked in, he placed the food and wine in the kitchen walking out to see her smiling at him. Taking the velvet box that he carried with him, he had her sit down. Getting on one knee, he opened it up and saw the surprise on her face. “Briana Cole, will you marry me and promise to be my mate for the rest of our lives? I love you and can’t live without you.”

Shaking, she held out her hand as tears slid down her cheeks. “I promise to love you Asher Wolfgang and accept you just as you are. Yes. I will marry you and be your mate and wife.” Placing the diamond ring on her finger she leaned in hugging him. Looking up, she saw the moon starting to rise in the sky. Giving him a quick kiss she said, “You better go, my wolf. I’ll be here when you get back.”

Smiling, he kissed her again and stood up stripping out of his clothes. When he came back, they would shower together, and eat, and he would tell her more about the pack and how he found her that night in the park.

A week later, Briana was smiling as she stared at the beautiful ring. Asher and she were going to her parents so they could meet him. She had decided it was better not to tell them he was a wolf just yet. That was until they had children and found out if any were going to become wolves. Ash had called his parents. They were thrilled. His dad told them to come visit on their vacation. His mother was already talking about a wedding. Laughing to herself, she looked at Jack who wagged his tail. “Can you believe it? My fiancé is a werewolf and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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