Eternal Summer, poetry written by Chasity Gaines at

Eternal Summer

Eternal Summer

written by: Chasity Gaines



Once upon a time
Life was easy peasy
an adventure every day
No responsibilities
Running and playing outside

Life was full of possibilities
and the horizon painted
in summer golds promising
Eternal happiness and
Unlimited fun, dreaming

of parties, long nights,
and bonfires, but summer
must come to an end
As adulthood sinks in
not the eternal summer

of all things warm and fun
we seemed to believe
Life is no longer easy breezy
it’s a juggling act of balancing
family, work, bills, and trying

to remain sane, trying to stay safe
and warm against Life’s
winters and Storms, no
parental buffer or safe
haven, protection to pull
over our heads like a childhood
blanket or a parent’s arms

Now finding we are alone
Unsure of everything, terrified
to make a mistake, or wondering
into an eye of a hurricane
Yet, we couldn’t wait to turn
eighteen, Grownups we longed to be

Rushing the process ahead
Bullheaded, to believe in a
Forever Summer with no storms
Wishing now we could turn back time
and become an innocent child
unaware of life’s heavy burden
of raging storms and freezing winters

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