Rest in Peace, a poem by Lynda Lee at
Luis Aleman

Rest in Peace

Rest in Peace

written by: Lynda Lee


Weekend morning
drinking coffee
thumbing through a Sunday sheet.
A breath catches in my throat
Hand covers my mouth
Silent tears pool in my eyes
I try to focus on the words

There’s your name
In the Daily Mail:

In loving memory of
Sadly missed by
Upstanding member of our community…

Yes it’s there
In black and white
Your epitaph.
And I know you’re gone.

I knew this day would come
that from this world
you’d take your leave.
Will you still haunt
my dreams at night
memories dragging me
from my sleep.

I push the tears
from my face
No more will I shed for you
Words leap from the page

May his soul
Let us offer up
a prayer…

My head reels
My heart thumps
The world spins

May he rest in peace

Maybe now I will rest too

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