Ride The Waves, a poem by Cindy Georgakas at Spillwords.com

Ride The Waves

Ride The Waves

written by: Cindy Georgakas


When you’ve lost your compass
and are swallowed at sea,
go deeper.
Anchor into the dark night,
where ships sail and thrash.

Familiarity breeds
contempt, yet comfort.
Let the light
illuminate your path,
this dark night,
as you root into the unknown.

Waves of confusion and self-doubt
create circles of despair.
Wires cross
in the blustery night,
fires ignite
and need repair.

Heartbroken and weary we crash,
grab the rudder,
squeeze harder,
as rough waters
threaten to take us under,
trembling in fear.

Lost at sea,
we tumble encapsulated,
lost in a quandary.
Teeth chatter,
blood gone frozen,
weak in the knees,
barely a breath left.
We surrender
to our destiny
and pray for forgiveness.

It doesn’t matter who we are
or who we pray, to or why.
It’s what we’ve learned
we should do as a final plea,
While we find God;
washed up
in our final hour.

We let go
and as if by magic,
the storm subsides.
Clarity is found and
we’ve learned
to ride the waves,
of our own internal sea.

Free and safe
as we conquer
the pain of delusion;
Enlightened at last,
swimming freely.

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