Ripples Of Love written by Laura Hughes at

Ripples Of Love

Ripples Of Love

written by: Laura Hughes


We may believe we are unable to make a difference,
but don’t let yourself become deceived into indifference.
We all can play a part to help make a change for the better.
It can even be as simple as writing a love letter.

Helping one another should become the world’s priority,
not hurting some others because they are the minority.
Showing that we can care for others by becoming their friend,
makes all the difference it takes to help hate come to an end.

What the world needs more than ever, is love and understanding.
With no more hatred in our hearts, love will then be commanding.
You should always treat others the way you’d like to be treated.
If you live by this commandment, hate will then be defeated.

Don’t let the sadness of this world overwhelm your heart and soul.
Just open yourself up to feel the love that will make you whole.
Everything can be changed with open hearts and open minds.
Peace will then reign for all of us with happiness of all kinds.

All it takes is a ripple of love to turn into a wave,
so don’t ever doubt yourself or that you can’t possibly save
the world or those that inhabit it today or days to come.
You will be amazed by what you can do and what will become.

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