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Russian Roulette

written by: Andrew Ndambuki



We danced the dance of death;
sweet-sour melodies from the revolver,
twisting and turning under the arm of fate.

Desire for money or for bullet;
tight rope for one or both.

Hearts bleed the velvet carpet.
Flowers wither. Aces fall.
Diamonds fade. Spades for the grave
The die is cast. We die cursed.

By greed for more.

Andrew Ndambuki

Andrew Ndambuki

Andrew Ndambuki is an avid lover of creative works. In his spare time, he loves writing poems about life: love, music, politics, religion, death, justice, times, seasons... Poems that capture both the imagination and emotion of the readers and the diversity of their human experiences. Andrew has a B.Ed degree in English & Literature from Moi University - Kenya and MBA in Strategic Mgt from Daystar University - Kenya. He lives with his family in Dubai.
Andrew Ndambuki

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