Santa's Watchin..., poetry written by Hema Ravi at
Alicia Slough

Santa’s Watchin…

Santa’s Watchin…

written by: Hema Ravi


‘Santa’s watchin’!’
says Mum
to thirty-month old toddler
‘You must share!’

The spirit of Christmas
ingrained in the tender heart
is etched forever;
even, when, as a young adult,
the child moves past
rivers and dales to concrete jungles
evolves from the fantasy world
to the world of geeks, nerds and techies.

The merriment is universal-
poor or rich, young or old,
able or otherwise…,
Care, coupled with Concern
and Cooperation is the magical key
to reach out to troubled hearts
at all times,
least of all during Xmas

That’s the spirit of the festive occasion…

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