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written by: Bilquis Fatima


Misty Twilight conjures shapes outside the window
A jarring scream stirs the trees
And chill runs through your spine
You try to flee but your legs don’t comply
….a nightmare.

You suddenly open your eyes to the hazy, cold, smelly air
Baffled and shaken,
And your fingers crawl around
Trying to guess your whereabouts.
Slowly the cloud of confusion clears
You realize you are on the floor,
But don’t remember since when.

Blinking your eyes you compel your brain to respond
A sharp pain pounds your head
and heart hammers loud, recalling that,
you had gone to close the main door
leaning on your walker, following the maid’s voice,
“Madam, close the door. I will be on leave for a week.”

your walker got stuck between a furniture
you trip, your arms trying to get hold of something
throw the receiver off-hook,
and next moment you were down on the floor
head banging against the bed instead.

A sharp shooting pain splits your head
as blood oozed out of the raw sore
and what ensued you didn’t know

Pangs of hunger tear at your stomach
and when you try to get up
you just can’t and to add to your distraught
you feel something slimy
crawling up your leg,
a shriek erupts from your
throat and drifts in the air.

The front door creaks
and then closes with a bang
eyes stare into the darkness,
but see nothing except despair
and your own cadaverous face,
as seen in the mirror last.

a torrent of thoughts engulf your brain,
….empty nest, age, helplessness
old age homes would have been best,
and you question yourself
‘can anything be as uncanny
as being abandoned by loved ones?’
In response, a moan is heard from nowhere.

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