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written by: s.rowan.b


My muse is the light at the end of the tunnel
Beckoning, whispering my name
Convincing me to remember
Remember how much I love him
Remember the first day we met
Remember the first time we kissed
But what I remember most is when he left.
The hollowness of my heart for two long years
All the tears I cried for a shadow of the man I knew.

My muse is the darkness closing in on my mind
Beckoning, whispering his name
Convincing me to forget
Forget the way his fingers brushed my skin
Forget his arms around me
Forget how he made me feel wanted
But what I’d like to forget most is when he left.
The hollowness in my heart that I can’t seem to fill
The tears I still cry for the man I still love.

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