Secret Sister Gift Exchange, poetry by Jane Snyder at
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Secret Sister Gift Exchange

Secret Sister Gift Exchange

written by: Jane Snyder


Don’t miss out,
says Lucy Nilsson,
73 years young and loving life.
Ladies, this is so much fun.
Buy one ten-dollar gift,
that’s all,
get six gifts,
thirty-six gifts, more, in return.

Beautiful gifts, useful gifts.
Humorous gifts, wrapped in scarlet and gold,
all for you.

Illegal, says the Better Business Bureau,
leading to identity theft,
and no presents.

Wikipedia explains why it can’t work:
An exponentially growing pyramid of gift-givers
and recipients cannot be sustained exponentially.

Her Facebook friends wonder what Lucy Nilsson,
at happily retired, still crazy after all these years,
thinks she’ll get?
What do you ever get?
Dried out chocolates, gingerbread scented candles, Santa towels
coffee mugs, funny socks, a John Deere tractor calendar.

They’d like to ask Lucy what this
has to do with the Prince of Peace.

But they know what Lucy wants.
Hope, they think.
It’s always hope.

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