Seesaw, poetry written by Alan David Gould at
Andriyko Podilnyk



written by: Alan David Gould


Love I have chased all my life, I
contoured words of my own design
and framed thoughts that surrounded
the core of something I could never quite understand

In the interstices of a seesaw
suddenly you were
sitting on the other end, I felt
gravity I could not resist and

now I am tucked into a
bed and a bed’s things

I am dreaming and you are there,
inside every part of the space that makes the motion that
sees me

Live with me forever until we are Earth, yet
no longer bound by earthly restraints, we will
breathe the air, drink the water of
what we have been, as we
evolve like ripening fruit



My ever-growing love for my wife, Sally.

Seesaw, poetry written by Alan David Gould at

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