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written by: Madhumita



The heart hurt but the lips smiled,
Pain reinvents itself in the eyes, sits unreconciled,
In front of the approaching storm,
I fall like a thin straw of hay, holding on to life in the catastrophe,
Swimming in the waves of agony,
Into the icy stillness
I float, to merge, into the darkness.

Sorrow of separation, distressed and disappointed,
When you suddenly parted,
But why should I still be drowned in the misery of parting?
The love, unsatiated still, is throbbing and hurting,
Surviving in the dreamy sand caves,
Lashed by the tormentous waves!

I wish I could repaint the canvas of my life,
Go deep into the depths of dreams so rife,
Drowning in the whispers of rosy passions,
Soaked in warm, intense sensations.

Wish those days of the old, like the bubbles, did not break,
Telling me that my love was feeble, a big mistake,
You know I have been waiting for you there,
At the same spot, you left me where,
Feeling you flow through my veins,
I await you, in longing and in pain,
To be passionately held again,
To hold your hands and walk together again!!!



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