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written by: Rhaster



An instant I floated by
released by my bearing tree
asked me to come
-and leave-
catched me in the palms of wind
the whirling existence changed
as time
flows and flows and always again
finds its ground and earth

Where I meet the water outside
far from branch and trunk
I see myself a shadow leaf
in wrinkels aging light
and Narcissus’ bright brown locks
-I’m not able to see

The clear-sighted stream
streams me to breath
as I gave you a season air
-I still catch the sun!-
the welcome departure is
heartily warm
even when you –as time will tell-
will forget my green

An instant
I floated by
and you
set eyes on me,


The picture I wrote this poem on, is a photo made by GilenLinn @GilenLinn.

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