Thought Number 205 About Old Friends and Lovers, poetry by Ray Whitaker at

Thought Number 205 About Old Friends and Lovers

Thought Number 205 About Old Friends and Lovers

written by: Ray Whitaker



The confusion of days all running together
with the heart attempting
to keep up
is only another expression
of loneliness.

Yawning, not exquisitely bored at all
hand over the mouth
to cover the yawn
or, perhaps it is to keep something in
that needs to come out

there is only the cold outside, inside as well too.

Only the expectation of warmth remains
the cold is the body of absence
the absence felt has the sensation
of where there once was two, now there is only one.



There was a song some time ago
“Exquisitely Bored in California” >>
now running thru my head.

Closing my eyes. There is an image hodge-podge
these of the dear women I have known in my life
it is crowded with the vivaciousness

it is a well, a welcoming tunnel of visions
dismounting my landspeeder, I can branch into any
particular image and become immersed, again, with that woman.

These warm, soft caves are not filled with orange angst
more like singularly devoted museum alcoves
with a solitary subject, the soft lighting illuminating

exquisitely seen with all the rest

some are clothed
some, hot, are not, with that look in their eye
all are happy, in their own way to see me

it is recherché, not boring
a feeling of unhurried joy in the exploration

some of them wink at me.



“Exquisitely Bored In California” is by Pete Townsend, 1982, off the album All the Best Cowboys Have Chinese Eyes.

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