Inbetween, a poem written by Rhaster, a Dutch poet at Spillwords.com


Inbetween written by: Rhaster @RHaster   What remains unspoken resting on the bottom of my soul you hear you know lowercases of wordlessness on t...
Shadowleaf written by Rhaster at Spillwords.com


Shadowleaf written by: Rhaster @RHaster   An instant I floated by released by my bearing tree time asked me to come -and leave- catched me in the palms...
Cracked silence by Rhaster at Spillwords.com

Cracked Silence

Cracked silence written by: Rhaster @RHaster   Cracks in stone tables bearing the ages carrying sentences thirst in words encaged Strained strings kee...
Alighted Statue by Rhaster at Spillwords.com

Alighted Statue

Alighted Statue written by: Rhaster @RHaster   Alighted statue of temporal beauty a soft sigh rests open eyes lost time The future  is vague for ink i...


I'm a Dutch poet (and an actuary) who once in a while tries to write poetry in English. I love writing next to pictures of art. And to stimulate the experience of thinking further....Great