The oyster, the pearl and the girl by Rhaster at

The Oyster, The Pearl And The Girl

The oyster, the pearl and the girl

written by: Rhaster



The oyster

Within the shell closed
-in almost stagnant salt,
safely hidden in the dark-
my weakness lies enrobed

untill in bruising waves
something hid inside of me
encapsulated foreign body
patience round a centerpiece

impotence, the penetration
impotence, eternal captive

The pearl

Only time was needed
time and bitter brackish tear
brilliance enfolded the pain
shining crystal long unseen

I am now the pearly poetry
clothing grief and agony
I am now – visible solace
sheen of what is life to be

and the girl

the cracks of smile and skin
they don’t reveal my age
beauty is only made of time
recalling future’s day

crackled the past time
but I cherish
my jewel today -my life
the glittering sea,



Art – Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer



I'm a Dutch poet (and an actuary) who once in a while tries to write poetry in English.

I love writing next to pictures of art.
And to stimulate the experience of thinking further....Great

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