Shadows of Hope: The Tale of Mira’s Egg, microfiction by Peter Rehn at

Shadows of Hope: The Tale of Mira’s Egg

Shadows of Hope

The Tale of Mira’s Egg

written by: Peter Rehn


In the ruins of her home, in a war-torn village, Mira finds an egg. Eyes glistening with tears of joy, she cradles it, dreaming of the day it will hatch. Despite her anticipation, it does not hatch. As the sun rises one morning, Mira carries her egg to the square. Placing it in the middle, the shadows of the egg form petals. The egg now a beacon of hope; reinvigorating a community, instilling newfound purpose. A community on a quest to transform, building a stronger shell around it. Finally, the egg hatches. A white dove emerges.

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