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Gaurav Sood



written by: Samuel Torontour


Gatekeeper to the great beyond
Druid of liquid reality
Standing at the boundary between understood and known
Pointing to the bridge between

What magical elixir will dissolve our preconceived ideas
What words will open the aperture of our consciousness
What wisdom awaits our unfettered exploration

A look backwards into the womb
The reflection of our conception shining back at us
As we bounce around like tourists visiting ourselves for the first time

An ancient reboot through our helical existence
Spiralling onward through time and space
Resonating between the opposite poles that provide propulsion towards an order we still do not fully comprehend

Blinded by our own light
Illumination to our core with scorching intensity to truly clarify
Melting the barriers to broaden our sense of self to include everything
A vessel of light expanding in an infinite mind
A free will determined to exist
Pulsing like a beacon on its journey through time and space

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