Share The Dirt written by Elan Mudrow at

Share The Dirt

Share The Dirt

written by: Elan Mudrow



Once, flowers were placed in gun barrels

As a form of protest.

Today, a garden is needed

To keep the soil of the meadow

Soft enough for all feet to walk upon



We grow in common ground.

Share the dirt.

Elan Mudrow

Elan Mudrow

Elan Mudrow lives in Portland, Oregon. Elan studied writing at Centrum, a partner of Copper Canyon Press in Port Townsend, Washington. Elan’s works have appeared in Von Reuth, Anotherealm, Algebra for Owls and Writers for Calais Refugees. Elan has been WordPress Editor’s Pick twice, Scriggler’s publication of the day twice, and has won Algebra For Owls’ July 2016 poem of the month. Elan runs a poetry blog that has 20,000 plus followers. Elan now seeks an M.A. in English at Portland State University.
Elan Mudrow

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