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written by: Aaks


The minute
It seems okay,
Is the moment
It fades away.

She spots nothing
But the lousy lies
In movies.
For how can a character
Detach a scar?
Whilst she can’t untie
The grey scarf
She shall be free from.

She can’t feel anything
But the fake tries
In fantasies.
For how in a go, a chapter
Sweeps suffering afar?
Whilst she’s trynna hide
The under-eye puff
After breakdowns in bathroom.

The minute
It seems better,
Is the moment
It has to shatter.

Isn’t she growing
By relating to her
Younger-self even more?
As kid, she avoided swings,
With fear of being hurt-
By those behind her.
Now, she’s shoved off the cliff
By those she puts first.

She’s walking
On the road as a loner
With a broken line getting wider.
As frail as twigs,
Is her trust
On the fate belonging to her.
As the footprints on her what-if,
Trace her outburst.

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