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She is Gone

She is Gone

written by: Tanisha Khurana



She is gone

She is gone into that dark place,
Peacefully resting in her grave.
You’ll then remember her voice,
Like it’s the only melody you want to hear.
You’ll wish to see her crooked smile,
For that one last time.
You’ll think of her talking fast,
And rewinding her sharing of her big dreams and plans.
But, honey it’s late I’ll say,
Go home the ghosts are on a hunt.
You’ll hear her whisper to your soul,
And the voice will sink deep in your head.
I’m gone but I’m here baby,
She is still alive in your memory.
She’ll haunt you for the wrong you have done,
There is no escaping.



I don’t live alone in this mansion,
I have a companion.
He sleeps soundly during the day,
And creates a mess during the night.
He loves me so much,
He never left my side.
He protects me from harm and never lets anyone in,
And caresses me from behind.
I love being his captive,
At least he is still mine.
Am I crazy or insane as he doesn’t have flesh and bones,
To still call him mine.

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