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The Dream of The Only One

The Dream of The Only One

written by: Satabdi Saha


The wind swept aroma wrapped me
As the far- off white of the Himalayas
Came closer and closer.
Trees clad in silvery robes with shimmering
Stars for flowers, greeted my eyes.
I sat on a frosty cushion, yet no chill
Invaded but an overwhelming warmth;
Draped my limbs like a magic shawl
Miraculously pervading my spirit
As never before.
I sat opposite to Him;
The thin, bearded shadow of a man
Naked to the waist, hair a knotted mist
Sitting cross-legged, with eyes that drenched me
With a soft, ethereal light.
Yet his emaciated body was painfully scarred,
Palms resting on his knees upwards
Bore marks deep into centuries of hurts
But smiling, He inundated me
With overpowering kindness and love.
Raising His hand on my head, He uttered, ‘Om,
Full of warm blessings.
Drowning in His love and heavenly bliss
I saw Him melting away before my very eyes
Leaving me in an ecstatic state of being,
My vision instantly transformed.
I viewed with reverence a huge bud
Opening petal by petal to unfold
The tale of the lotus.
The air hummed ‘Hallelujah’ as cherubs hovered above;
Divine bliss enveloping my soul.
As my sight extended even forward
To my utter surprise and delight
A marvellous infant greeted my sight,
Surrounded by kneeling shepherds, Chanting ‘Amen’ and ‘Ameen,
For the child had stars in His eyes,
A sun-crowned head, which rested
On the Holy Mother’s breast as He divinely smiled.
I woke up to the hymns and the sound
Of church bells cheering loud, nearby.
It was Christmas morning and the world
Gleamed jubilant with a brilliant birth- light.

I understood what the dream meant,
Everything merging into Oneness in prayer
With varied names uttered everywhere —
Brahmah, Christ, Allah, Elohim, or any Other
Who saves His children, with love, kindness and care
From the clutches of sorrow, sin and despair.

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