Shell Shock, microfiction by J. R. Xander at
Klaus Nielsen

Shell Shock

Shell Shock

written by: J. R. Xander


With eyes like pink ping-pong balls, Lennie lent in, rubbing his temples. “So I, I laid an egg.”

Elliot frowned. “Why are we whispering?”

“Why are we? I laid a fucking egg!” With crusty fingers, Lennie burst into allegro on the cafeteria table.

“Yeah?” Elliot said, “what colour?”

“What colour?”

Lennie’s contorted face almost swallowed itself. He glanced back and forth between the oil drum fire, Elliot and the upturned minibus, took a shuddering breath, then sank like a burst air bag.

Elliot smirked, turned her head and called out down the tunnel, “hey guys. Lennie laid an egg!”

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