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Silent Rage

Silent Rage

written by: Akshita1776


They clamp a hand on my mouth,
Press down my tongue-
With the weight of their own rules,
And customs that define,
What I should be like-
A girl, aging girl,
On her way to become a lady,
Who shalt not break her meek countenance,
Who shalt revel in her diaphanous beauty,
Who shalt let her mind be a puppet,
Played by the strings they command.

My every attempt at owning myself,
Is slashed down by my mother,
Who was taught so by hers-
And the cycle of survival continues down the bloodline;
For they are afraid of the women,
We may have become;
If only they had not let us think,
that we were “just about” and nothing special;

Forever afraid of the rage within,
Built up by years of repressed dreams,
Ages of misconstrued emotions,
And eons of set regulations,
That make up the foundation of our very being.

And so I sit back with my forked tongue
Ready to bite the world,
For if I let it out,
They’ll say they were right,
I was “too dangerous to be let out;”
And so I sit back, stuck in a limbo,
Between choosing my battle
And fighting it.

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