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Siren Sonnets

Siren Sonnets

written by: Akaky Akakievich



A Sonnet to the Siren Allison- Bow and arrow, huntress, with a hat

Trained and trained again by the seaside place where there is no same
Of the forgotten misbegotten untold for what is still afraid of the shambles
Has it occurred that there was no flagrant outburst to tell on the feeble
Most with the pitter patter of such feet that is thus the heinous not blame
To have her conduct herself of the realm into the gravity of what ambles
About the cheated flashy poured out what can be this is a fearless evil
But against toasting the ridiculous part of the shunning gunned to a spot
Where there was an arrow to fractionally be positive over the grateful
Mere sheets have tainted the wobbly huntress until she was no more a giant
In the scheme of the rattled and followed through to the ungainly sordid lot
Where can she be merely the drops of the hoisted over how they are wasteful
Put to the grainy of the noticing her hat of the ilk full of silk and not reliant

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