Siren's Way, a sonnet written by Verona Jones at

Siren’s Way

Siren’s Way

written by: Verona Jones



The night fell silent painted rare with dreams
As golden winged angels a vigil kept
Down by the ocean’s shore stark nightlife teems
In shrouded black, dark shadows softly crept
Across dank wharfs and down towards the sea
Her briny depths whispered and filled the air
Shrill echo sang an ancient trav’ler’s plea
Lost soul cries out in restless deep despair
Do not this mournful wailing sound pay heed
Unless you wish your freedom from this life
But mind you now the siren’s way of greed
It lures you in and claim’s a price so rife

Do not let go your own soul easily,
Lest final resting place becomes the sea.

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