So Long, Voyager written by Trevor Graham at

So Long, Voyager

So Long, Voyager

written by: Trevor Graham


so long, voyager
these cacophonous prophets will never stop
stained glass, machine dash, paint smock
all gone at atomic dawn
brown vein, moon bound brain, silver spoon
all gone at siren song
bullet crime, ivory mind, cathedral hall
we are one at sol’s kingdom fall
oh, voyager
are you more than a driftwood tin can last ditch trip?
a library, archive, or crypt?
a gold disk dead record’s call, extinction stuck on skip?
oh, voyager! I fear the worst!
with the constant cogs cracked
the celestial sanhedrin slayed
and sol’s carbon kids decayed
you too will find your grave



I hope that one day some intelligent species will find those golden discs, but the realist in me thinks the voyagers are doomed to the same fate as us, both as individuals and a civilization. Our spacecraft will outlive us all, but in the end every human on earth, from all walks of life, and our spacecraft will succumb to death and a return to nothingness.

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