Cocaine Blues written by Robbie Masso at

Cocaine Blues

Cocaine Blues

written by: Robbie Masso


Thank you, sir,
may I have another?
Every twenty minutes work?
Between songs?
Do I have a choice?

Dance with me at my concert.
It has air-conditioning.

I’m hot but chilled.
I’m energized but sloth.
I’m focused but slow.
I’m loving but limp.

The sticks drop from my hand
as time goes faster than I thought.
I push the tempo of every song.

The weightlessness of
a body high
gives me perfect posture
on my throne.

Hey you, in the front row.
Come kiss me, I’m lonely
behind these drums.
I want to see if my numb mouth
can feel yours.

I forget what I thought.
What song is it?
I’m in control, I swear.

These songs are going by fast.
The concert’s over?
Come back with me, front row lady.

Your turn.
Taste the diesel,
the drip,
and feel complete
while feeling nothing.

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