A Writer's Fear, a poem written by Megha Sood at Spillwords.com

A Writer’s Fear

A Writer’s Fear

written by: Megha Sood



I’m trying to balance these words
on the tip of the lead
so precariously
where they tip and falter
and every single word, every syllable
every article
loses its balance
its epicenter
and starts falling off
falling off at the edges
in the deep abyss of the unknown
where I can’t seem to salvage them anymore
they are lost in the numb darkness
stumbling in every nook and corner
and can’t seem to find their way
to me
where they can start to make
sense together again.
It’s an exodus
they are leaving
leaving for unknown
and with a crestfallen soul
here I wait till eternity
in this quagmire
of dust and pain
when I have
this strong premonition
my words
have lost their way
to their home.

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