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The Good Girls, The Wonderful Life

written by: Robert Allen Beckvall


Shoes drop on the lanai, after a day of teaching, coaching, mentoring
Or, just forgetting a bad one

A good wife made my lunch
A good girl did her homework
A good partner put the ball away
A good island warmed my soul with sunshine and ocean spray

If I didn’t listen, read, or debate the government bully bastards

I would just think:
What a simple, little, wonderful life I have
On dates with my wife
Or, a kid to the heights

Says I:
“You can’t fool me, it is a wonderful life.”

Robert Allen Beckvall

Robert Allen Beckvall

live on island
married to and birthed Chinese ladies (I give my wife full credit for the heaviest pushing)
published in newspapers, and other varied mediums to include the Arizona State University archives
champion tennis player
former soldier
teacher, coach, and volunteer
Robert Allen Beckvall

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