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written by: Robert Allen Beckvall


Something happened

Before God?

After God?

Universal Space Beings?

Purest of luck?

We don’t know as they take educated guesses and speculate and hit us with conjecture

Behind me as the sun creates the purple, orange, and pink sky even in Kailua, Scottsdale, and Vail-drink and drugs can take apart our souls and minds, leading us to AA & NA meetings-where we clap for horror stories and get chips for 30, 60, 90

So we got past the part where God or gods or all seeing beings exploded us into being–maybe SHE is an explosion of life and women and mothers in all walks of life are simply the creation story happening over and over again

Each time an egg laid or live baby born, it must be taught and cared for and loved by mothers

“She birthed me, so if you say a nasty word about her, I’ll punch you out!”

Then the good fortune of being born into good stock, Swedish ancestry, to Minnesota farmers, to Arizona desert beginnings (swamp coolers and all), to grandparents of character and blue-collar WWII values, and into some white skin–a privilege in America, with parents who went from blue-collar to white-collars, who built wealth and who taught character and how to build wealth and WORK.

This adventure runs through Burbank, Phoenix, New Orleans, Minneapolis, New Jersey/New York, Memphis, El Paso, Ahwatukee, Utah, Alabama, Virginia, Germany, Tempe, Colorado, & Hawaii where the breeze hits me now in Kailua.

China and the USA collide and a Chinese Viking is born\_|_/where once again education and character are taught, and except for a virus that might morph to kill us all, it was a long shot at best.

This pen in my fingers, this brain in my head, this red hat & black jacket I wear

This wave just crashed upon THIS shore. . .

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