Something Needs To Change, poetry by Emmanuel Obilor

Something Needs To Change

Something Needs to Change

written by: Emmanuel Obilor



The mace stands and decrees even in the cascade of pain and hardship,
Plunging hearts into burden so deep as the Nile,
With policies sailing off normalcy like a catamaran,
To a shore nigh to Sodom and Gomorrah.

This cross, too heavy a lot to bear,
Back and forth, I see my people in despair.
In helplessness, mothers watch their children in hunger cry,
How could they stay still and allow us to die?

In my loneliness and need for comfort,
Tribal identity becomes the only gate pass,
Before I play and ride with you,
To a land filled with milk and honey; our plateau.

No hypocrisy is without an origin.
It’s not enough to implant and harvest warring seeds.
Cultivate paths boring good ridges,
So our world will grow without hitches.

Stained robes and turbans,
Even extremists, defenders of a broken law;
Kidnapping, raping, killing, and more.
Of your evils, you’ll answer one day to Him hook, line, and sinker.

Oh, Divine one! Does thou watch still and allow things to go turbulent?
Frail hearts give in to nihilism.
Nobility is now mudded and booted out,
With no goal or officiating course.

That which should fix us is not rocket science,
If only we halt, yearn and act for something to change,
time and time again,
will our lives move in circles like the orbit from a range?

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