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Soul Hunter

written by: JahArt Kushite


her eyes twinkle in beautiful
rays of deception
feeding your naked eyes with
a lustful perception
she is a piece of art of illusion
utterly blurring your vision

her golden voice is painted
with fine brushes of lies
her sweet words are artistically
decorated with fine lines
her body shimmers with enchanting colours
beguiling your soul into her parlour

she is a soul hunter on a mission
driving you into total confusion
hypnotized you get caught as a victim
dancing to a tune of her wicked rhythm

JahArt Kushite

JahArt Kushite

JahArt Kushite born Isaiah Phiri is a Capetown based Poet who recently came to the limelight through Facebook where he posts his deep soul, heart wrenching poetry. He is a published author of book "Wailing Soul" (a collection of poetry) currently under revision and soon to publish his second book "Tonnes Of Love" (a second collection of poetry). He is a published author of other poems that are featured on Spillwords.com like Vanity, Death, Coiled and COVID-19. He is a contributing poet to the forthcoming anthology titled "Colours Of Love" published by Rock Pigeon Publication in India where two of his poems are featured, I Am Thirsty For Those Who Love Loudly and I Remember Those Moments. You can find his art on Facebook, Instagram and Mirakee.
JahArt Kushite

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