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Starin' At The Bottle

written by: Will Thomas


I’m starin' at this bottle.
My thoughts are filled with fear.
Teardrops land upon my glass.
Wishin' you were here.

I’m starin' at this bottle.
Will it fix my achin' heart.
Fill the emptiness inside me.
Since we’ve been apart.

I’m starin' at this bottle.
Might finally help me sleep.
I always thought we’d be together.
Forever mine to keep.

Starin' at this bottle.
No friends or family near.
So maybe I can help things.
With this bottle sittin' here.

Starin' at this bottle.
In a haze I answer the phone.
My brother's voice came back at me.
Hey bro you’re not alone.

So starin' at the bottle.
I know there is another way.
So dry my tears and stand up.
And put the bottle away.

Will Thomas

Will Thomas

Hi, I’ve been putting a few words together for many years, mainly about things I’ve experienced or people I’ve met.
Will Thomas

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