Happy Mother's Day 2023, a poem by Ricky Glenn at Spillwords.com
Rachael Cox

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

Happy Mother’s Day 2023

written by: Ricky Glenn


Mom I write these words for you
The one who bare the pain
Your first time ever giving birth
Swearing never to do that again

You raised us with a mother’s love
A love that all adore
Your gentle means of discipline
Remembered forevermore

You nursed us when sickness came
Preparing three meals a day
You washed and put away our clothes
You wiped our tears away

Complaining not a single time
Just loved and laughed lived
Each one of us was a special child
To which a special love was give

We love you more than ever
As your golden years pass by
We know the time is growing near
For you to say good-bye

Until that time, we’ll cherish
Every moment, every day
And cherish every memory
Until God calls you away

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