The Bronco Busting Kid, a poem by Ricky Glenn at
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The Bronco Busting Kid

The Bronco Busting Kid

written by: Ricky Glenn


We were by the corral all chatting away
Just wasting some time and enjoying the day
When this kid he comes riding right up to us all
Hopped down from his horse and said my name is Call

I’m lookin’ for broncos to ride and to tame
In this kind of work I’ve made quite a name
They looked at each other with mischievous grins
They said we’ve got an old mustang his name is Big Ben

If you want to ride him well we’ll get the saddle
But this old mustang’s one no man has stayed straddle
He’s nearly killed every man that has tried
To this old Mustang no man can stay tied

Call looked at us all as he said with a smirk
If he wants to lose me it’ll take lot’s of work
This is one cowboy who doesn’t get queasy
I was taught by a legend an old cowboy named Easy

As we held the old Mustang Call sat down with grace
He had one hell a strange look on his face
As we turned loose of that crazy Big Ben
His feet left the ground and he did a full spin

Call sat in that saddle like he was glued to the seat
“I just can’t believe it,” responded ole Pete
He jumped and he bucked and he kicked and he bit
Call stayed in the saddle as the horse threw his fit

Ben jumped in the air and then fell to the ground
Then bit at the rider then tried rolling around
Without any success he jumped back to his feet
And Call’s little ass was still glued to the seat.

Many men have rode broncos and each one will say
That breaking a bronco you do earn your pay
Cause this kind of work really does take its toll
There’s not many Cowboys can take a horse roll

The old Mustang was slowing growing weaker each buck
And Call knew he had won when he saw Ben’s head duck
The mustang stopped bucking he stood right in place
Young Call had a satisfied look on his face

As Call stepped from the stirrup and set foot on the ground
All of the Cowboys they all gathered around
They hollered and hooped and raised quite a cheer
They said Call tonight we are buying the beer.

The Cowboys all said that they never did meet
A cowboy like Call who could stay in the seat
They would never forget that day he rode in
The kid out of no where determined to win

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