Symphony of Souls, poetry by Madhu Jaiswal at

Symphony of Souls

Symphony of Souls

written by: Madhu Jaiswal



Hearts humming a distinct melodious tune
As if, reverberating melody of the shifting dunes
The enchanting love, sparkling, in and out
Shining bright, all through-out
The salty sea, the lustrous sky, and the serene balmy night
Holding each other’s hand, walking side by side.
The cool breeze gently caressed the skin
The silvery night reflected, a glowing sheen
The happy souls, indigenously, storing a glance
Lost in the momentum, as if in a trance
The divine innovation shone in twinkling eyes
Intricacies of emotions, baffled, in and out
The softness, the sweetness, and the splashing tide
Enfolded together, in a passionate embrace
Exquisite and serene, the sweet nectar of love
Intoxicating and intense, the adrenaline rush
Vivacious and effulgent, ebb and flow
Stars and moon, in accordance, glitter, and glow
The ruffling waves, lapping, ecstatically at feet
As if, in synchronicity, with the palpitation of the enamoured hearts.
Lip locked in ecstasy, the momentum of bliss
The serendipity and the harmonious, symphony of souls
Enthralling expertise of a fulfilling, vigorous life
Embossed in an oyster, like a precious pearl
As if shining armour in an embodiment of love and light!

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