QUEER, poetry written by Madhu Jaiswal at Spillwords.com
Sharon Mccutcheon



written by: Madhu Jaiswal



I’m a male by birth and suppose to marry a girl of my parents choice
But how do I let them know, I find it more alluring and enticing when a fellow lad caress and embrace
Is it necessary, we always have to follow the same path?
Love is just love, devoid of any gender, creed or caste
It’s not dispensable that happiness always lies in the union of a man and woman
Life becomes meaningful, only when shared with people, sharing the same interest.

It’s beautiful, a feeling when my companion holds my hand
I feel, I can walk an eternity, having him, by my side
Often when he bares, I feel like softly cuddling beside
Feeling the hardness of his chiseled abs against mine
Cupping his face and kissing him passionately
The endorphins, the sensuality and the adrenaline rush
Love thy name is serenity, I feel that eternal bliss!

Hey, don’t you think otherwise, as all this as a sheer crap
It’s God’s way, that he has made us different from the rest
It may be for others, queer and total disgust
But this is my reality, this is how I’m!
I’m gay to be precise, admitting it with an ache in my heart
who loves a male body, more than any female skin and its beautiful curves
The choice of sexual preference, doesn’t make me any less of a human,
I also breathe, live and admire the same beautiful world.

Don’t make me feel as our choices are hard to comprehend
Breaking the norm, is not any crime!
A girl can feel better about her sexuality with another girl and be at ease
Same goes for a man, who finds in a fellow man, the love of his life.
We are like a rainbow, in the big beautiful sky
Pride is the adjective that I feel for all of us.

Don’t force, just liberate us to live the life of our choice
The orientation of genital doesn’t make us any criminal
Try to understand we are also almighty’s mighty creation
We are beautiful, bold and shimmering, in the tapestry of this outrageous world
The love shared between two persons is always in its purest form
Don’t discriminate, if it’s being amongst two people of the same sex
It’s not queer at all, and normal to be precise
Love is just love and not the intended recipient as per others’ choices!

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