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Love Lust Letter

Love Lust Letter

written by: thePoeticpiper



I flirted with you, right after lust
Gave you my heart, gave you my soul
With all that, worthy as it is, came trust
I never turn my back, just cuddle you tightly
Kiss you politely, as you stare at me lightly
My secret path, my role to play
Never shy, never silent, never ignorant
No lies, no past ties, you my present, always truthful

You hurt me multiple times, I let you go
Found you again, you sat on me heavily
Found my strength, and carried all that gravity
In my arms, you fell into
I calmly hug you, never letting that comfort go
Having all of me, all that you need is with me
My loves affection with no rejection

So why play a part I did not envy
Forcing me to squeeze this trigger I do not take the blame for
Fall deep in this dark path of heavy volumes in my system
Cause a bad scene leading to my eviction
Sleep in this barred area awaiting my conviction
Every night I pray for my Guardian to shine away my sins
Show me the path I was on before you hijacked me with lust
The lust that became our love, so I thought

Winter season the love we made, spring we grew together
Summer time happy faces, autumn fall, a resentful heart
A moment I thought we loved; only I did as you played your cards
No lies of my affection on its path
Just comfort of your heart, that smile in a distance
The night-life dance, daytime pastures
It was a love of many gifts that I gave you

And now I sit here
Lips of this pistol kissing my chest about go off
Call it suicide; I call it my final kiss of love

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