Garage Maintenance, poetry written by LB Sedlacek at
John Paulsen

Garage Maintenance

Garage Maintenance

written by: LB Sedlacek



There’s no reason to warm up a car anymore
no need to idle the engine for
at least 30 seconds, sometimes 60
no reason to stare through the
carport watching the sky, the trees
no need to remember the carport
and idle the engine in the new garage.

The birds probably prefer it
anyway it’s quieter
except if they try to fly in a window
or screen designed to keep them out.
The pedestrians prefer it too
even with ear bud stuffed ears
music or podcasts strapped to the
arm or waist or in a handbag
as they scoot up or down central
avenue heading for class, the bookstore.

There’s no reason to warm up a car in the garage anymore
one garage stuffed with a couch and TV
one garage stuffed with a red sports car
(two guys hovering, the car never driven)
one garage stuffed with a recycle bin
(tools and garbage piled to the side).

There seems to be every reason to keep
the garage door open.

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