Fushimi Ward, poetry written by Alexa Cleasby at Spillwords.com

Fushimi Ward

Fushimi Ward

written by: Alexa Cleasby



It starts with some words. So, you tell me a story.
Soft shimmering storms, lonely years and hana-akari dreams.
Out in a glowing beyond, an ocean is glittering made for the fearless.
We open wide to feel the warmth.
Shifting gentle waves of blue, gold and violet.
You were always waiting and I’m sorry I was late.
Though sometimes it looks cold and fierce and the salt stings our eyes. The waves will tangle and fight and I’ll falter. But, you are stronger than me.
A thrumming, unsettling warning strikes hard in a slow moment.
And something tiny is reset.
Something new is made.
All the best parts coming together, feeling fuller and content.
We never realised an idea more beautiful or knew a peace so golden
Sakura settle in new spaces around us and everything is softly rearranged.
There is no one more brave.
You make the secrets make sense. And I want to be brave with you.
When I said I’d see you in Fushimi Ward, I wasn’t expecting this.
When I imagined dancing tides of pink hanami, I wasn’t expecting you.

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